Where is Ischia?

Here you can find general information about the geographical location of the island of Ischia and its surrounding islands
Ischia is a volcanic island located on the western edge of the Gulf of Naples. This mountainous island has a territory of 46 square kilometers with a population of 60,000 people.
The closest islands are Procida, Vivara and Nisida. This three islands together with Ischia form “Phlegraean Islands”. However Ischia is the largest among the islands in the bay of Naples (Ischia, Capri, Procida, Vivara). The Isle of Capri is located 33 kilometers (18 miles) far from Ischia and it can be simply reached by a ferry or a hydrofoil.

The island of Ischia is a famous tourist attraction thanks to its natural hot springs, thermal parks and enchanting botanical gardens. Moreover once in Ischia you definitely should visit the Mount Epomeo with its breathtaking view, the Aragonese Castle connected to the island by a manmade stone bridge and its most beautiful beach- the Maronti beach.

The main commercial and touristic ports of Ischia are Ischia Porto, Forio and Casamicciola. You can reach Ischia by a ferry or a hydrofoil from Naples (33 km), or by a hydrofoil from Sorrento. It will take you 45 minutes travel to get to Ischia from Naples/ Sorrento by a hydrofoil and about 1 hour and 30 minutes by a ferry from Naples.

If you are travelling to Ischia only for a couple of days the best way to get acquainted with the island is to take a guided tour of Ischia by car or by boat, to visit its thermal parks or natural spas.