Forio of Ischia

In second place by extension and demographic concentration, the town of Forio extends to the center of two promontories, from Punta Caruso to Punta Imperatore. Vast and varied, the town of Forio attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to its many beauties, historical and natural. The history of Forio is breathed in full lungs in the center of the village, made of narrow alleys, churches and dotted with watchtowers characteristic of the place. Undoubtedly, the Forio’s most famous monument is the “Chiesa del Soccorso”, built overlooking the sea in order to let the white of its walls working as lighthouse to the local sailors during the stormy nights, and for a few years elected preferred location for celebrating couples’ Weddings from all over the world. The walk through the old Town offers the possibility to admire the beauty of “Torrione” (big tower), San Francesco da Paola’s Church, San Vito’s Church and many others. Forio is not only history but it is also natural beauty and landscape of high quality with its fine beaches on a clear blue sea, like San Francesco’s beach, near the homonymous Church, La Chiaia, Cava dell’ isola and Citara. For many years Forio has also represented the cultural center of the island, attracting, especially in the orbit of the well-known Bar Maria, in the city center, famous personalities of art and literature, including Pasolini, Sir William Walton, Moravia, Auden and Pablo Neruda. Sir William Walton has left in Forio a treasure of inestimable value, the “Giardini la Mortella”, a majestic park that collects hundreds of plants varieties from all over the world. The village of Panza, for some years known for the September event called “Andar per Cantine” (to go to wineries), still preserves traces of the typical peasant tradition of the island.

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