Barano (Maronti beach)

Municipality of peasant origin, it extends from the hill, precisely from the village called Buonopane, to the sea, dominated by the long coast of Maronti. A place generally quiet and not very busy, Barano, stands out because it embodies all the characteristics of the island, from the thermal baths to the mountain walks, from the sea to the festivals which – especially in summer- show the ancient Peasant tradition of the place. The springs of Olmitello and Cavascura in the Bay of Maronti are renowned and known for their beneficial properties since the most distant times. The story tells that the Romans used to treat their ailments in the warm waters of Cavascura, nestled in a canyon a few steps from the beach. Also the source of the Nitrodi springs, located within the village of Buonopane, shares with the others a long history mixed with the legend that tells of the nymphs “Nitrodes” and of Divinity of the Greco-Roman tradition. Rich in tradition and folklore, Barano, still retains the traditional dance called “’ Ndrezzata”, through the commitment of groups that hand down this art from father to son. The dance, with a relentless and hypnotic rhythm, derive its origins from an ancient feud between the inhabitants of two villages of Barano, which was a battle with wooden swords and sticks.

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