Taxi service in Ischia

Here you can find approximate prices for the trips between the main destinations and towns on Ischia.
We also offer transfers around Ischia thanks to the presence of our own car fleet. We have MERCEDES BENZ cars of E-CLASS, S-CLASS, V-CLASS, MERCEDES VITO and VOLKSWAGEN CARAVELLE, all of them are of recent registration. Thanks to the presence of an own car fleet, our prices are lower than the taxi’s prices.
If you want to go sightseen around Ischia the most comfortable way of traveling is to take a taxi or a private transfer. You can contact us for a transfer and all hotels will arrange a taxi for you if required. Of course you can easily find the taxi stations in the main places of interest in Ischia.
It will take you about 40 minutes to get to the furthest place of interest from your place due to the little territory of the island and the taxi prices are reflected by their trip time.
You can see some approximate prices below but it’s important to remember that you are free to negotiate a rate with the taxi drivers. It is better to agree a rate before you begin your journey to avoid any discords at the end of the trip.
It’s important to know that you are expected to pay around €1.50 for each suitcase if you have them.
Prices rise by €3 for journeys taken between 22:00 – 07:00

Standard Prices:
Ischia Porto to Ischia Ponte – €10.00
Ischia Porto to Casamicciola – €15.00
Ischia Porto to Lacco Ameno – €20.00
Ischia Porto to Barano – €20.00
Ischia Porto to Forio – €30.00
Ischia Porto to Serrara Fontana – €35.00
Ischia Porto to Sant’Angelo – €40.00
Forio to San Francesco Beach – €12.00
Forio to Poseidon Thermal Gardens – €12.00
Forio to Via Borbonica – €12.00
Forio to Ischia Porto – €27.00
Forio to Ischia Ponte – €27.00
San Francesco Beach to Ischia Porto – €25.00
San Francesco Beach to Ischia Ponte – €25.00
Citara Beach to Ischia Porto – €30.00
Citara Beach to Ischia Ponte – €30.00
Panza to Ischia Porto – €35.00
Panza to Ischia Ponte – €35.00
Forio to Lacco Ameno – €15.00
Forio to Casamicciola – €18.00
Poseidon Thermal Gardens to Barano – €40.00
La Mortella Gardens to Barano – €35.00
Forio Port to Barano – €38.00
Forio to Sant’Angelo – €20.00
Forio to Serrara – €23.00
Forio to Fontana – €25.00

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