If you take the trunk road 163 (from Positano to Amalfi) you can get to the town of Vettica Maggiore with a group of houses leading down to the sea between Capo Sottile and Marina di Praiano. There one can find the San Gennaro church with it’s characteristic majolica-tiled dome built between 1588 and 1602. The church consists of a nave and two aisles separated by ten pillars.
The San Gennaro church is famous for its important art works: The Martyrdom og St. Bartholomew (16th C) by Giovanni Bernardo Lama and The Last Supper (18th C) by Francesco Saverio Carvelli.
The towers at Grado and Assiola form the boundaries of the town along the coastline. The tower at Assiola, constructed in 1270, is one of the oldest and most charming in the entire area. It was constructed during the reigh of Charles I of Anjou so it is a well-preserved example of medieval fortification. It’s walled structure is made from limestone and is also barrel-vaulted. The road leading to Praiano (240 metres above sea level) rises up along the slopes of Mount St. Angelo.

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