Travel from Sorrento to Ischia by hydrofoil

If you are planning a vacation in Sorrento but still want to visit Ischia without traveling to Naples, there are some hydrofoil leaving Sorrento and coming to Ischia every day durinf the summer. Here we will give you some information about the timetables and tickets for this trip.
A day trip to Ischia would be the best idea once you are in Sorrento. The schedules allow you to enjoy a whole day in Ischia and to have an island tour by car or by boat before coming back to Ischia. Here you can find the information about the tours we can arrange for you: (qui deve essere un link con escursioni e giri dell’isola)
During the summer month Alilauro provides two trips per day each way from Sorrento to Ischia.
2018 Times and Prices
Sorrento – Ischia (morning):

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Departs from Sorrento: 9:30am Arrives in Ischia Porto: 10:30am

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Departs from Sorrento: 9:10am Arrives in Ischia Porto: 10:25am

Sorrento – Ischia (afternoon – schedule from Monday to Sunday):

Departs from Sorrento: 3:50pm Arrives in Ischia Porto: 4:50pm
Ischia – Sorrento

Departs from Ischia Porto: 10:35am Arrives in Sorrento: 11:35am
Departs from Ischia Porto: 5:25pm Arrives in Sorrento: 6:25pm
Price for a single crossing: €23.50 (Round-trip €47)

We offer you a wide range of tours around the island including wine tasting, boat/car tours around the island and hiking so you could get acquainted with the island in a short period of time. Once you are here you have a possibility to enjoy the traditional Coniglio all’Ischitana in a wonderful restaurant by the sea, visit a thermal park or go for a wine tasting in a local vineyard. We can organize your day in Ischia in a better way so you could get the best of the time spent here. We also have an own car park so if you already have something in mind we can take to the needed place any time!

Click here for our full list of tours (qui deve essere un link con le escursioni)

You can take a look on the time schedules of the hydrofoils and book the tickets below. However keep in mind that booking the tickets on the website applies some extra charge that can be avoided if you buy the tickets directly in the port.

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