Casa D’Ambra

The unique climate of the Ischia Island, created thanks to its geographical isolation, contributes to the unique taste of its wine grapes. Casa D’Ambra buys about 5,000 quintals of grapes from 150 Ischitan winemakers every year. Casa D’Ambra owns 4 hectares of vineyards in Frassitelli, and one hectare in Montecorvo. In addition, Casa D’Ambra has 6 hectares in the most suited for cultivation areas of the island (together with local wine-growers).
The Casa D’Ambra company is focused on the local wine grapes: biancolella, forastera, uvarilla (whites) e il piedirosso e guarnaccia (reds). The grape harvesting begins on the 20th of September and lasts until the 10th of October: due to the differences in the quality of the vineyards and their location the grapes maturation periods vary, but this does not prevent from obtaining balanced wines each year.
The harvesting of grapes is manual and – in order to guarantee its integrity – it is transported in small boxes. The production process , from vineyards to bottling, are followed personally by the enologist and current owner Andrea D’Ambra.
Casa D’Ambra is one of the leading wine producers in Ischia and we can offer you different tours of their vineyards and factory as well as the opportunity to try their famous wines.

We offer various tour packages for example a guided tour of their museum and cantina so you could learn how and where the wines are made and bottled, followed by the wine tasting.

We also offer a tour of the stunning Frassitelli Vineyard which is located at the highest point of Mount Epomeo and has incredible views on the gulf of Naples and the surrounding islands such as Capri and Procida.

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