Casa Museum

If you want to visit unusual places in Ischia this house will give you the chance to know the roots of this wonderful island and to find out what Ischia hides beyond its beautiful beaches and thermal waters. Between the curves and the sea-facing mountains that characterize the southern slope of the island, along the road SS270, on the border between Barano d’Ischia and Serrara Fontana, nestled between the oaks, there is the Cava Pallarito with its Casa Museum. This is a perfect example of typical peasant houses dug in the tufa. It was created by Salvatore Di Meglio out of his own home, where he lived with his wife and where his sons were born. Then he decided to move elsewhere and abandon this places for a certain period, but anyway, Salvatore Di Meglio didn’t sell it but made a Museum out of it with a big passion. Casa Museum is a house entirely excavated in the hill and decorated with shells, stones and other recycled material and different artefacts from ancient times in Ischia. Inside, there are many antique tools of everyday use, giving you an idea of rural civilization and true peasant values, thanks also to the works of art made by him: particular stones and wood carvings. Here you can also find the characteristic “fortune cave” with its horseshoes that, according to tradition, protect your home from the evil eye.
Entrance is free but you have the choice of leaving a small tip as you leave.

Opening Times

The museum is open most days throughout the spring, summer and early autumn.

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