Serrara Fontana (St. Angelo)

The highest municipality of the island has a very variegated morphological character, extending from the sea to the summit of Mount Epomeo, at 789 m above sea level. The only town directly located on the sea is Sant’Angelo, an ancient fishing village, now closed to pedestrian traffic, which is one of the most valuable places on the island. The village of Sant’Angelo has maintained intact its conformation, with narrow streets, finely whitewashed and tiled, surrounded by pastel-coloured houses, privileged for the splendid natural spectacle that peeps from every window. Its beauty makes Sant’Angelo an exclusive place, where every day prominent personalities land from their yachts to enjoy fresh fish in the village’s famous restaurants. The highest part of the municipality of Serrara Fontana is Mount Epomeo. On Mount Epomeo, cloaked of charm for the breathtaking view over the whole island, you can visit the “Eremo di San Nicola”, recently renovated, and enjoy the typical rabbit (“coniglio all’ischitana”) in the restaurant that is just a few steps from the summit.

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