Driving a car in Ischia

Here you can find the information about driving a private or rented car in Ischia with different advices about the roads in Ischia and places to rent a car

Roads in Ischia

Maybe the easiest and the most comfortable way to discover Ischia is by car. The island has good quality roads and a good road network thanks to its main SS270 highway that connects the main towns of the island like Ischia Porto, Ischia Ponte, Forio, Casamicciola, Lacco Ameno, Serrara Fontana and Barano. You can reach the main beaches and thermal parks, gardens and shopping streets, all important destinations and spots by car.
There are also many “wild” roads in the mountain areas with picturesque views as well as “short ways” for you to reach some places more quickly.
The roads in Ischia are mostly single-lane highways. The most popular mean of transport is a scooter, tourists often come and rent one to move around more quickly avoiding the traffic, especially in the busiest periods (July and August) when the tourist season is at its peak.

Choice between taking your own car or hiring one in Ischia

You are free to bring your own car on Ischia in case you do not want to hire one, but you have to keep in mind several things before doing it:

  1. Ferry prices:
    The cost of embarking a car on a ferry from Naples or Pozzuoli is around €50 one way for an normal sized car. The price can vary a little for larger or smaller vehicles.
  2. Car Parking in Ischia:
    You can find many car parking zones in Ischia and the prices vary depending on the area, whether it’s close to places of interest, main attractions etc. Anyway the prices for parking are reasonable and it’s around 2 euro per hour.

There are different parkings in Ischia, some of them are paid by meter and others when you leave. If you want to park a car on the street you have to pay attention to the colour of the lines that mark out the space. If the lines are blue it means there is a meter near it where you have to pay for the parking and display the ticket so it can be visible for the parking inspectors. If the lines are white then the space is free of charge but this spaces are usually limited in time availability, so you have to use a timing-disc displaying the time when you arrived.

Hiring a car in Ischia

It’s very simple to rent a car in Ischia and you can do it even once arrived to the port of Ischia because the nearest agency is near the bus station (if your ferry or hydrofoil arrives to Ischia Porto). The best choice would be a small car like Fiat 600 or Renault Twingo.
The prices can differ, it depends on the period of the year but an average price is:

Make and ModelPrice Per dayHigh Season
Renault Twingo with air-conditioning€33-€35€38-€40
Fiat 600 without air-conditioning€30-€32€33-€35
6 Seater Mini-Bus€45-€47€55-58

Alternatives to driving a car

One of the alternatives to driving a car in Ischia is public transport. Bus is the cheapest way to travel around Ischia and most of ‘Must visit’ places (Maronti beach, Lacco Ameno shopping street, Sant’Angelo) can be reached by bus. The Ischia buses are frequent enough, they run every 15-20 minutes. However you must keep in mind that during July and August it becomes difficult to find a seat in a bus and some places of interest like Sorgeto Hot Spring cannot be reached by bus.

The final alternative is to take a taxi. They are available whenever you need it as well as our transfers. You can contact us whenever you need a transfer to some place of interest or if you simply want to see the island we have private tours that can be arranged at any time.
We offer transfers around Ischia thanks to the presence of our own car fleet. We have MERCEDES BENZ cars of E-CLASS, S-CLASS, V-CLASS, MERCEDES VITO and VOLKSWAGEN CARAVELLE, all of them are of recent registration. Thanks to the presence of an own car fleet, our prices are lower than the taxi’s prices.
If you want to go sightseen around Ischia the most comfortable way of traveling is to take a taxi or a private transfer. You can contact us for a transfer and all hotels will arrange a taxi for you if required.

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