Lacco Ameno

Municipality occupying the northwestern part of the island and extending for 2.7 sq km, Lacco Ameno, is a real jewel set in the heart of Ischia. The smallest town of the island of Ischia is maybe the best known for the presence of numerous thermal springs and for the attention that illustrious personalities from all over the world have dedicated to it. First of all, the film producer and publisher Angelo Rizzoli, who dedicated part of his life to raise the fortunes of this small fishing village. The producer, during the 50’s, donated to the island his only hospital and oversaw the ancient Terme of Regina Isabella broadening and providing them of an elegant hotel complex. For over 50 years the hotel of Regina Isabella is the most famous on the island and attracts illustrious personalities of the world jet set every year. The symbol of Lacco Ameno is the “Fungo”, a tuff rock with the shape of a mushroom, immersed in the water behind the tourist dock. Lacco Ameno also boasts the presence of the Santa Restituta sanctuary -patron of the town-whose complex houses important archeological digs, and Villa Arbusto with the archaeological Museum of Pitekusa, in which you can admire some of the oldest finds of the Mediterranean history.

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