Ischia Porto

Capital town, with the most concentration of population and services, Ischia Porto takes its name from the touristic and commercial port that it owns, the most extended and active on the island. The municipality of Ischia extends over an area of about 9 sq km on the north-eastern coast of the island and collects some of the most important attractions of the place. The port of Ischia has been carved from an ancient crater lake and is now surrounded by pastel-coloured houses and a long string of bars, some of which are still furnished in the classic Mediterranean style. The port overlooks the church dedicated to Our Lady of Porto Salvo. Not far from the embarkation are two other of the most fascinating attractions of the area, the old municipal Terme and the Royal Palace, former residence of the Bourbon family. Studded with pine forests, the municipality of Ischia is mainly known because it is home to the Aragonese Castle. At the end of the walk along the narrow streets of the old town of Ischia Ponte, the oldest settlement of the island where you can still breathe today the traditional atmosphere of the island that was, you meet the particular Castle, fortified manor erected on a Islet and joint to the island by means of a stone bridge. The inestimable charm of the “Castello Aragonese” is manifested not only through its breathtaking beauty but above all thanks to its long history, which has seen alternating the many royal families who have dominated the Kingdom of Naples over the centuries.

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