Cenatiempo  Wine  Tasting  And  Vineyard  Tour

The region of Campania makes some of the best white wines in Italy, and Pasquale Cenatiempo’s wines from the island of Ischia are yet another demonstration of this.
Cenatiempo was founded in the postwar period in 1945 by Francesco Cenatiempo, pioneer of modern viticulture in Ischia and it is directed today by his son Pasquale. He uses mostly Biancolella and Forastera, two grapes now widely grown on the island,. The production revolves around the main varieties of the island biancolella, forastera, piedirosso, which are biodynamically farmed, half of it is his own grapes and the rest comes from other growers.
Ischia has a continental heart, made of small hills and a mountain, the Epomeo, which stands on the island: there are numerous slopes with significant inclines and many terraces. The beneficial presence of the sea ensures optimum maturation of the grapes, while the altitudes allow to benefit significant temperature range that help the development of aromas and perfumes. The Cenatiempo Wines are the perfect expression of the volcanic and sea nature of the land of Ischia.
The Cenatiempo winery is located on the main road leading to the port of Casamicciola. The most wide vineyards are placed in a location called Kalimera in the commune of Serrara Fontana.
The winery is open to the public with the possibility of wine tasting so here one can learn how the wine of Cenatiempo is made, learn about some of Ischia’s best wines and visit its beautiful vineyard and cantina (with possibility of access to historian cellars in tuff rocks, extraordinary testimony of an ancient culture of the wine growers of the island). The company’s production consists of several types of DOC (guarantee of origin and quality of a wine) and IGT EPOMEO and Campania wines.

In the Cenatiempo vineyard you can try some of their best bottles and enjoy the peaceful countryside of Serrara Fontana. We offer you a tour conducted by English speaking guide who will explain to you all of the different elements that go into the careful process of creating these excellent wines and as you walk round the cantina the guide explains to you the differences between the ancient and modern techniques, sharing with you her vast and passionate knowledge of viticulture.
The vineyards are set in the stunning Serrara Fontana countryside where you can enjoy some spectacular panoramic views across to the island of Capri in the distance.

After the guided tour in the vineyard and cantina we will take you to a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers with bench tables and parasols to protect you from the sun. There you will try a selection of the best wines served by some local delicacies.
Do not doubt in contacting us and we will organize an unforgettable Cenatiempo tour for you and your family or friends in one of the most peaceful and beautiful hidden corners of Ischia. The Cenatiempo tour is essential in your ‘Must do in Ischia’ list because it’s the best way to appreciate and enjoy Ischia during your holidays.

Opening Times

Opening hours: Mon / Fri: 08.30/13.00, 15.00/18.00. Saturday 08.30/13.00

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