Ravino Gardens

Ravino gardens were created by a sailor Giuseppe D’Ambra, who sailed the world and decided to create a place with all the exotic treasures and botanic wonders he had discovered travelling the world. Place where the inestimable value of the natural qualities are preserved by man.
This idea came to him when he travelled to California and saw a lush vegetation that affected him. So he brought the seeds and cuttings collected across the ocean on the island of Ischia where the placid weather guarantees the engraftment.
The Ravino Gardens are situated in a place of deep peace, quiet and beauty, a few steps from the picturesque center of Forio of Ischia. The garden is born from the deep commitment of Giuseppe D’Ambra as a caring and passionate man intimately linked to the sea.
Giuseppe D’Ambra, long-time sea captain collected over the years the plants from all over the world. The Ravino Garden was enriched by unique plant species increasing a vast collection which now counts at least 3000  different specimens.
When you walk in the Ravino Garden the beauty of the landscape catches the eye instantly. The green area of the Ravino Gardens covers about 6000 square meters, in a maze of paths and stone walls of lava stone.
The Ravino Gardens can be called a little corner of paradise, because it has different species of flowers and trees from all over the world. Ravino attracts tourists because it is a small oasis of tranquility close to the sea, with plants from all over the diverse tropical ecosystem .
In 2010 the company of D’Ambra is recognized ‘The Best Tourist Southern Italy’ by The Commission of the Parliamentary European Tourism for it’s sensitivity to environmental and social issues.

The Ravino Gardens are wonderful and enchanting place to visit thanks to the commitment and dedication of Giuseppe D’Ambra and his children. The garden runs along a path dotted with beautiful floral arrangements, exotic vegetation and Mediterranean maquis that grow here thanks to the mild microclimate of the western side of Ischia and its extremely fertile soil. There are few places where you can find such biodiversity collected in a little space.

To visit the Ravino Gardens means to admire architectural features among giant Saguari, cactus, Aloe, Agaves, Opunzie. Here you can also find a collection of succulents, exotic palms, cicadee, blizzard, mucacee, tens of citrus trees and other fruit trees, ornamental blooms and aquatic plants. An exclusive plant that you can find only in Southern Italy is a a specimen of Wollemia nobili, , a conifer Jurassic era that was believed extinct and rediscovered in Australia in 1994. Many of these plants are included in the official list of the International Community for Environmental Protection and the Wealth of Species (Act. 1999) and in the list of endangered species by preserving (Act. 1995).
The Ravino Gardens have also a lounge-bar with 20 tables where you can have breakfast or an aperitif reading your favourite book or listening to live lyrical or acoustic music on summer evenings.

Private parties, different events, exhibitions and book presentations take place at the Ravino Gardens. It is close to the residence with two pools, sauna and a small wellness area so this place is coveted for real residential courses theoretical and practical.
For cultivators there is a small bazaar that sells a wide variety of plants and seeds, accessories for gardening, posters and postcards, publications published in Ischia.

The aadmission fee for the entrance to the Ravino Gardens is € 8, with discounts for children, residents, handicapped and groups over 20 people. At a cost of 15 euro (with reduction for school trips), you can take guided tours to theme: a generic, depicting the history of the garden and shows the botanical specimens of interest; one dedicated to the biodiversity of succulent plants; a targeted plants of the Mediterranean flora, with the heritage of myths and legends handed from classical; a direct to medicinal plants and their therapeutic uses in herbal medicine, homeopathy, aromatherapy and Bach flower therapy.
The Ravino Gardens are located along the main road artery of the island of Ischia, traveled by public bus, whose stops are located a few dozen meters from the entrance. Furthermore the hotel has also a large parking.


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